This Forum page is devoted to the investigation and exposure of spirits. A spirit is an entity that is either incorporeal or is manifesting an embodiment of their former physical body. Much of our audio, video and photographic evidence is devoted to these entities since their study is pursued more frequently than the other extra-natural phenomena.

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ArtBlasky: This is something I have personal experience with. It’s undeniable. If you’re in denial you’d better work it out quickly.
Mason: I’ve run into things like this. We went to clear out a house that was 200 year old once and got our asses handed to us. We were unprepared for the powers that this ghost could muster. If we hadn’t had a Priest with is I hate to think of what would have happened. The ghost responded to him, even after knocking the rest of us around like we were flies.
Mason: The Priest isn’t a universal fix, mind you. Sometimes, they respond to him, they recoil, or submit, or disappear. But not always. I’m not sure why, but it seems like these things are conditional. Like they’re selective. It could be that it depends on who they were in life.
BlackandBlue: Right. I’ve noticed the same thing. It might be that if they were religious in life that they’re afraid of a holy man in death. I’m not sure. What I do know is that I don’t go anywhere without a rosary that’s recently been blessed, a flask of holy water and some holy candles. Even if your’e not the religious type this might help. It can’t hurt.
ShredLetter: I agree. Bringing as many items as you can to an exorcism, items of religious power and significance, can’t do anything but help. Fill a pack with this stuff. Make friends with a Priest. Do something that keeps a steady supply of this stuff coming your way.
Atheist1975: You keep your supersitions, meanwhile I’ll use research and psychology to figure out what keeps these fuckers bound to the real world. You can run around with your holy water and your bible but it’s not going to do much for you besides make you look like a fucking idiot when your god lets you down. Here’s a hint: figure out who it was in life, and figure out what’s important to it once it’s gone. Then, do away with the shit that’s keeping it here. If you want to keep your skin, that is.
Lester: Atheist, no need to be a dick. Let people confront these things the way that they think is most effective. We’re here to collaborate and to figure out how to defend ourselves from these monsters.
Atheist1975: No shit. And swinging a rosary around is just going to leave a dumb look on your face when it spills your guts. Applied science. ‘Nuff said.
Jennifer20: Let’s stick to business, here. I’m willing to consider the approach of each and every one of you, so long as it makes sense. I don’t feel like listening to an argument between the faithful and the faithless. Just give me what I need to stay alive.
Atheist1975: Fair enough. These things are tied to this world by way of items of significance to them in life. It could be anything, though – not just inanimate items. We’re talking anything from a wedding ring to a child. Sometimes it’s an enemy. Even their murderer. Or their parent. Don’t rule anything out. It’s all about attachment.
Shepherd56: You’re dismissing the reality of the situation – these are demons, or people who’ve trucked with demons. This is why they’re restless in this world. They need to be released, to be sent on to whatever fate awaits them on the other side. That’s why the Priest was essential in the situations talked about above. Lay it to rest, that’s how you get rid of it.
Lincoln: Let’s stick to basics here, stick to the topic on hand. How do we get rid of them?
Atheist1975: Have you been reading the thread, Lincoln? We’ve gone over a number of theories on how to dispose of ghosts. Why don’t you catch up and then see what you’ve got to add, eh?
Threader: The destruction of the body is the key to their release. What keeps them tied into this world is their body. Find it, destroy it, and they’ll be gone. It’s as easy (and as hard, if their body’s not found in a handy-dandy funeral plot) as that.



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