Reanimated bodies encompass a number of different extra-natural phenomenon. These include vampires, zombies, and those possessed by restless spirits. This section specifically excludes encounters whose suspected culprit is an entity from another plane (anything that is not a restless spirit of an entity previously a living human being.)

Zombie Defined
Vampire Defined
Possessed Defined
Spirit Possession
Warding Spirits

Deathbringer: I’ve seen it with my own eyes. This exists, regardless of what anyone else will say. You have to figure out how to ward against it if you’re going to confront these kinds of enemies. There’s nothing to be done if you don’t first secure yourself against possession by a specter.
MaceWind: I’m not convinced. I’ve investigated a lot of scenes that were supposed to be haunted and came up with nothing. We were using Tier 2 equipment, so it wasn’t top notch but we also didn’t catch anything on tape.
ExorcismDealer: Hey dumbass, take that to the Spirits Forum. This is Reanimated, as in, you don’t need EVP shit to catch them. They’re walking fucking corpses.
Darkblue: I’ve experienced this firsthand. We exorcised a lingering spirit that had taken possession of one of the residents of the house. We hadn’t planned for what happened after it was free of the host. It possessed me, and I nearly killed two members of my Cell. Make damn sure that you’re warded against them, because if you’re not you’re as much of a threat as the host is.
HKFanatic: Darkblue is right. If you go in unprepared you’re just going to be more meat on the slab. I’ve seen the possessed, and I’ve also seen the reanimated. That’s zombies, for any of you that prefer the pop culture phrasing. They’re real, and they’re unpredictable. Some are damnably slow, hobbling in your direction and not much of a threat unless you’re surrounded or unarmed. Some are fast. Really damned fast.
HKFanatic: It’s the fast one you have to worry most about. They seem smarter. They move much faster, like you and me. Sometimes quicker. We had to bury one of our cell after running into one of these and underestimating it. So don’t. Go in with more firepower than you ever think you might need.
Bleeder: I’m amazed not a single one of you has commented on the fangs yet. Really? No one’s run into a vampire? I hate that the forums are cleared out randomly. Seems like so much information is lost when you delete shit every few days to few weeks. Who’s running this damned thing anyway?
BladeSlinger: I’ve seen the fangs in action. Vampires are better at blending in than a lot of the other things that we run into. They’ve learned to camouflage themselves. I’m not surprised that a lot of people on here don’t realize that they may’ve walked right by one once, twice. who knows how many times. They’re smarter than a lot of the others.
Bladeslinger:All I’m saying is, carry a fucking stake. Alright? Tried and true. You never know when you might run into one that hasn’t eaten in a while. You don’t want to be the handi-snack that they chomp on.
RedRanger: Ever been in the Boy Scouts? They’ve got this handy saying, “Be Prepared.” Best fucking advice I’ve ever heard. Bring a little bit of everything, because if nothing else it might buy you the precious few seconds you need to get away. Don’t talk shit on someone who’s putting info out about something you haven’t seen yet – are you really so naive that you figure if you haven’t seen it that it doesn’t exist? Don’t be a moron.
RedRanger: Just think about it this way: what’s it going to hurt to throw a few extra items into your pack?
Mason: Red has a point – you should be carrying a pack anywhere you go. It’s not like the place that you work, wherever it might be, is going to notice. Corporate spots have laptop backpacks that you can sneak by without a second look. Anywhere else isn’t going to bat an eyelash usually, either. So put a stake and maybe a cross and a bit of garlic in your pack. Can’t hurt.
Yeoman: Hey Mason, in case you hadn’t heard that garlic shit is totally Hollywood. You put a clove of garlic in a vamp’s face and they’re going to laugh at you. Then eat you. Wake the fuck up.
Mason: Alright, Yeoman, if you’re such an expert let’s hear your take on this shit. What’s your idea for a perfect kit?
Yeoman: I’m not saying I know it all, but garlic and crosses are for amateurs. A stake is dead on. Hair spray and a lighter. An acetylene torch. A machete. Some lighter fluid. Some zipties. I mean, it’s not hard. Just use common sense and do a little research.



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