Darkest Days and Longest Nights

Cell division
Sam Murphy

Transmissions are flooding in. The local cells are picking clean rumors of conspiracy and compromise like hungry vultures. I don’t know what happened, but the boards say we are being targeted by something or someone. My hope is that I’ve finally tracked it down to Minneapolis, the Keeper has been moving through the north for the last few years picking off the unsuspecting here and there. This seems like its kind of play ground; middle class families ripe for the plucking. If it’s gotten wise it may want to target bigger game.
There are eager minds here, rumors strewn across the net of the unnatural which has touched their lives with an icy claw. Maybe its time to throw them a bone to see if they bite. If we can come together we can fight whatever is lurking in the shadows of the twilight. I’ve been doing this alone for too long. Time to light the torch.

Monsters in the closet
Jim Kingston

After the incident in Chicago, I’ve come to the realization that when mom tells you there are no monsters in the closet or under the bed, she just doesn’t know the half of it. Monsters are out there…and they are hidden. The masquerade like you or I, but if you pay attention, you’ll see.

The vampire wanna-be is all glitter and emo…the real ones have the stillness of death and can shrug off bullets as if mosquito bites. They aren’t interested in reading you poetry; you don’t read poetry to the cow before you consume it. Holy Water and a cross? Useless. Garlic? Pointless. A stake? There you go.

Werewolves, Mages, Ghost, hell even Goblins…I’m sure they are out there. Once you see one monster, you know there are more in the woodwork. I just have to find out how to spot them, and how to kill them.

I’ve finally hooked up with some like-minded associates here in the frozen north. I set up some contacts, made some connections, and came into a web of information, with some redneck yokel apparently at the center of it. I don’t know much about him, but he has some good video, and has a job: apparently a hunter group went missing a few days back on a Hunt, and he needs some volunteers to go find them. While I know it sounds strange, it sounds thrilling. I’m tired of being scared and unable to defend myself. I know the monsters are out there, and now, I am going to kill them.


The abyss
Sam Murphy

“If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s been four long years since that thing took everything from me. The last memories I have of my wife are those spilled across the floor next to her lifeless husk of a body. My boy, gone, taken away from me the same night. It wanted revenge on me, I should have stayed away, I should have taken my family and ran when I had the chance. Instead I hunted it, like it hunted so many others in Garden.

Jesus Christ…so many dead in so little time. But I was too proud, nothing was going to terrorize MY town. So I went after it, I followed its shallow foot steps into the woods, followed the specks of blood that rolled in its wake, followed until I found it playing with some trinket it must have picked up along it’s way, wearing the face of one of the people it had stolen. Thats what it was, it took things, pieces of other peoples lives or their body itself. I didn’t know what I was dealing with, I was way over my head, but I know something wasn’t right when the killings started.

When I started firing everything turned to hell. The thing moved like nothing I had ever seen, bounding with impossible speed, its unblinking dead eyes turned to crescents with a grin. When it finally had its fill of lead, it ran off…back towards town.

I chased it as fast as I could, but I’m only a man. When I got there all I saw was bedlam where my life used to be. I had no answers for what I had seen that night, not for the others at the precinct or even for myself. All I knew was that there was something else out there. Something evil, and monstrous that needed to be found and needed to be stopped. Since then, I am only a shadow of what I once was, but every shadow is cast by light. A light that keeps us warm and keeps the darkness at bay. It’s the same one we use to light the path into the abyss that haunts us all. My path is lit…and one day I too will have my revenge.


Not Alone
Jack McCallum

I am not alone. I learned, some time ago, that “we are not alone,” in the most frightening of senses. Since that time I thought I was the only one that knew. The only one that was witness to the horrific reality behind the thin curtain of civilization. I was convinced that somehow, everyone else had managed to turn a blind eye, tune it out, or go mad enough that they were whisked away to the inpatient wards. After sifting for countless hours through countless sites I found a single thread and I followed it… like bread crumbs strewn across the internet. A link here, a phrase there, and eventually I found the proof that I’m not alone. I thought the fact that I’m not crazy would make me feel better, but it’s more terrifying to realize that what I saw is real. And it’s not the only thing out there. I tracked down an email link on the site, and I’m attempting to make contact.

The Hunt Begins <Encoded Transmission>
Jim Kingston

Stardate 101710.1

After analyzing subspace communications and finding encrypted communiques, I managed to attract the interest of the other entity and arrange a first contact. The meeting in the neutral zone was brisque; apparently, the other entity who fancies himself a Memory Alpha, knew the technical specs and capabilities of us before we arrived.

A peace accord was reached; apparently, we have a mutual enemy that has struck at a loosely affiliated entity. The enemy currently is unidentified; Memory Alpha is assembling a tactical group to research & report, with possible rescue or neutralization possible. ETA 1 standard week.

After departing our neutral zone meeting, I requisitioned some upgrades from the grey market. Going into a hostile situation with, as of now, 3 unknowns and Memory Alpha, I felt it prudent to arm myself with enough firepower to take on Klingon or Romulan cruisers, if they were in fact the culprits. I would not put it past them.

I hope our enemies decloak and reveal themselves soon. Knowing the enemy’s capabilities will go a long ways to defeating them.

Kirk out.


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