Darkest Days and Longest Nights

Time to Rumble

Well, we found our 9th victim…a vice cop up to his balls in coke and cheap hookers. We way-layed him at a seedy charge by the hour establishment – which is surprisingly profitable and I may just have to invest in one – and took him in for questioning after discerning his whereabouts from a dive strip club.

He had a sob story that boiled down to “just following orders”. I don’t think Renee is going to care much for that. We left him to the cops (or Renee, whichever got to him first) and retreated back to our fortress of solitude to plan our next move.

From what we could determine: The Bosnian gangs were informed of the vice squad’s identity and “made” them do the act to cement loyalty while bringing their pet politician back to heel. Vlado the Vampire is pretty big in the food chain of the Bosnian gang (and thus needs to die), and Kolten’s crew is itching for a fight.

Sam found Vlado. With Kolten’s gang helping, we’re marshalling forces to assault the vampire in his lair during the daylight. I wonder how badly Sam will be shot today?

Blood for blood

This shade business is getting stranger by the minute. If its not one thing, its fat, Bosnia vampires running the sex ring responsible for Renee’s death and ultimate resurrection as the undead. The fat fuck even bit me too. When the fireworks started my blood must have roused him into doing something stupid, like getting shot in the face for thinking I was his personal juice-box. Me and Vlado have unfinished business…after I convalesce for a few days, getting shot myself is quickly becoming a full time job.

For whom the bell tolls
Aaron Brandt

Well now… That was something different, if not quite new. I suppose it should come as a shock to my compatriots that I’m comfortable with any killing, especially given my chosen profession. I don’t know why. All creatures die… well, most creatures anyway. I see humans move forward to the next life all the time when I’m working. Few people seem ready when their time comes. In any case, it was a necessary evil.

We had a job. Hell, we conceived it ourselves. Get into the meat market, figure it out, rescue if we could, punish if we could. The way in was the cattle buyer. He funnels young girls to a sadistic murderer who physically and psychologically tortures them until their time, too, comes to pass. Then he kills them. Horribly.

The elevator caper was exciting, creative, and fun. A bit of the laughing gas (and a couple of gunshots unfortunately) and boom, we’ve got ‘em. No fuss, no muss. No harm, no foul. We swipe IDs (Jim swipes everything else, gods love him). We’re doing just fine. What, I wonder, will happen when they wake up? Will a gleeful and mischievous creator play havoc with chance and our knot tying skills? I dislike leaving things to chance. How could I slow them down? How could I make us some time to go and do what we went and did?

Perhaps on impulse, I choose a bit of the old misdirection, a bit of the old confusion… a bit of the old ultra-violence. It follows quite easily that one of the bad guys might be, <gasp> a bad guy. I take out a gun, place it in the hand of it’s unconscious owner, aim it at the cattle buyer’s head and BOOM! I’m almost surprised by the sound. Sam and Jim certainly were.




Questions to be asked and answered.

So now, all the ends are tied up… at least in red tape, soon in handcuffs. Try explaining your side of a story to the police when there are guns and money every where and a rapidly cooling body on the ground. I bet that “phone call” gets delayed. I can almost hear it, “So mister Ivan, let me get this straight… Your entire party got put to sleep… in an elevator… and you just, ‘woke up’ next to your dead boss with your own gun in your hand?” Classic…

Onward we go, a grand entourage. Sam the man, Jim and I the strong, silent drones. On to the meat market we go.. if we’ll come out, nobody knows.

We get inside. Pistols only. It chafes a bit. The place is on lock down and there are more guys with machine guns standing around than in most fire bases. We were all surprised to see Eric. Well, most of us… He is on the inside with the Bosnians. Deep. Nicely done there. We mingle, we find the chief bad guy. Sam just begins to make nice with him when the lights go out. Then Sam screams. Then Sam shoots. Chaos.

The security troopers open up on the crowd. The shade arrives and she is fucking people up left and right. Lotta folks on the floor taking rounds. They all deserve it in one way or another. We head for the catwalk where the girls are being kept. Sam takes a couple rounds from a sniper. We cap a couple of security guys and make for the rear. We snatch up a few girls, those that we can make understand. We walk through the walls to find the door. Not entirely easy. We get out, find a boat, and boogie. We were able to get a dozen or so girls out with us. One was the chief bad guys girl, Natalia. She is supposed to be some sort of information source. We’ll see.

Oh yeah… and there’s vampires. Curiouser and curiouser.

I find myself thinking about life. The saving of it. The taking of it. My life experiences these last few months have … altered my attitudes somewhat. The EMT gig was cathartic for me, even redeeming, after my time in the military. I will have to be more mindful of my impulses. They seem to be becoming more extreme. Lets hope we get some down time soon so I can work off some off this stress. Hate to have a relapse.

How Bazaar

Well, tonight went…both good and bad. Bad, in that we’ve learned Aaron is a bit of a sociopath and will murder sometimes needlessly, the shade is still at large, and Sam was shot to hell (again). Good, in that we have more leads on finding out what’s going on with the shade, we managed to “kidnap” one of the women in the know regarding the flesh market, rescued 13 girls from sex slavery, and got 2 sets of plating and more assault rifles. OH, and did I mention the vampires that were attending the market, and apparently Erik works for the Bosnians?

Mixed bag, I would say. Now to deal with our list of: Kolten, Natalya, Shade, Senator, Vice Cop, and probably a slew of other things.

Who you gonna call?

I’ve heard of corrupt cops and politicians, but damn, this just about takes the cake. I mean I used to think deep down, most people were nice at their core. But these guys are just rotten all the way through. I never thought I’d ever see the day where I would pretty much agree with something we were hunting, but I’ll be damned if I don’t. My momma didn’t raise me to be some kinda pansy. I think it’s about time to stand up for what’s right. And if this shade she-bitch gets any ideas about not laying down when her job is done…well let’s just say that I think my boys are ready for that, cause after those spiders, they are just itchin’ for a little ass kickin’ action.

She wants revenge
Sam Murphy

I’ve never killed a person before. I’ve been hunting sure, I’ve put bullets into all manner of beasties, but never a man. I don’t think I’ll be breaking that streak tonight. The cops from the corrupt task force deserve everything they’ve gotten, or in our situation, everything they’re going to get. Our plump little fly is setting pretty as we serve him up to a girl that’s been dead for several years now. I was apprehensive about this to begin with until we found out the truth about the sex ring, the rape, the murder, and the cover up. His death, as well as the others is well deserved. I’ve seen monsters before, and these guys fit the bill, if we have to cooperate with an undead little girl looking for justice in order to make things right, then so be it.

A Tale of Two Cities
Aaron Brandt

Crazy things go on around here. Sam goes all bumper cars on some wee beastie, and suddenly we’re investigating the murders of several local police officers in the area. Turns out they were all dirty – on an organized crime task force where they were fucking sex slaves in an organized fashion. Our new friend Shade takes exception apparently. Remind me to tread lightly around that chick. I’d prefer not to be beaten to death bare handed. Anyhoo, after much debate, we snatched the final potential target and have ourselves in a position to either do a deal or get wiped the fuck out. I was thinking we were going to end up pulling triggers on this bitch. It occurs to me that it might be useful to capture her. If only there were a tool we could use to ensnare her from a distance…..

Dealing with the Devil
Jim Kingston

Today has been…interesting.

We’ve met up with another cell of hunters…and my aren’t they the arrogant bunch. I’m sorry pal, just because you get paid oodles of money to be a rent-a-soldier, doesn’t make you a badass. I’ve been in the shit just as much, and I’ve pulled the trigger many a time. You did it for pay, I did it for patriotism. Color me not impressed.

Anyways, Kolten Marx aside, we ran into what is called a “shade”. A ghost of sorts, spawned from some horrid act that comes back seeking vengeance. On some level, I can respect that. But, we did immediately go into “track and kill” mode, which lead to some interesting results.

Apparently, this is the ghost of some poor daughter of a congressmen…that was horribly betrayed. Her daddy the alderman sold her out to a set of undercover cops operating as a task force on the Bosnian slave trade…who proceeded to molest, rape, and finally kill her. Now she’s back, and mowing through the individuals.

We have in our possession of the 9 members of the now-defunct task force. We were willing to protect him from the creature – well, maybe use him as a little bait – but after hearing his story…I think the monster in this situation are the humans involved. If she wants to mow down the 9 +1 horrid excuses for human beings, and if that will put her soul to rest….I’m with the “monster” on this one.

Justice will be done. Kolten asked me, “what are you doing this for?”. I didn’t want to answer him, so I gave him some macho bullshit answer. Truth be told, I do this for all of those that can’t. The world is a scary place, full of monsters. I’m going to try to remove as many of those monsters as I can while I’m here. My God-given talents are not the ones that are talked about in pleasant conversation. I can kill as easy as I can breathe…others can’t, but I can. Why do I do this? So people like Renee Delacroix don’t have to crawl back from the dead to seek vengeance. They can rest in peace knowing I will make sure vengeance is served. Monsters come in all shapes, sizes, and colors apparently.

Filling the hole
Sam Murphy

The burrowing spider monsters can be checked off the list for the moment. I’m guessing its a long swim back from hell. Once the caps were blown we just had to sit and watch as the lake ice slowly collapsed from the lack of support. The only loose end is the extra tunnel dug from the main cave system to the outlying border of the nearest town. If something managed to slip past us, we’ll find it and kill it.
We’ve learned some things, we know that these creatures will find a new hive if they can’t reach the main as we saw with Drew. That poor bastard holed himself up in his apartment building for days, feeding on the old, getting fat in his web. I almost felt bad for a moment when I put a bullet into that things head. I thought there may have been a part of Drew still left in there, then I realized, if there was, he would have begged to be taken out of his misery. No on deserves that kind of torment, no one.

Thank the gods thats over with...
Aaron Brandt

Well, thats that… I hope. Seems that Drew wandered his infected behind back to his apartment building where he proceeded to mutate in to a spider/human hybrid like the ones we encountered in Manganese. He’d set up shop in the basement of his ramshackle building and started snatching up the other tenants. We went down there and smoked him and a couple of his newly created drones. I need to learn to control my impulses. Almost shat my shoes full when my gloves got stuck to the web. Still, that was fun.

After turning Drew into a fine green mist, we treated our wounds, packed up, and headed out to Manganese to finish the job at the mine. This time, we drove right up to the town, entered the tunnels and got ourselves to the breach face in good order. Upon arrival at the breach room, we discovered new cocoon activity and spider victims. Sam had earlier conducted an investigation of the surrounding area and discovered that a family of 8 (guess we know what they like to do to keep warm) in the area had gone missing and Sam found a spider hole in their barn. Well, as we crossed the room to set the explosives, we were attacked by spider kids and spider parents. Luckily we are all pretty much badass men of steel(except for Bubba Jay, Heh) and we proceeded to take apart the spiders, leg from leg…. from leg. We took some minor wounds (freaking ankle biters), set the charges, and hauled ass outta there whilst being chased by a swarm of creepy crawlies. Charges went off without a hitch, lake drained, stick a fork in it, it’s done. Miller time.


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