Darkest Days and Longest Nights

Time to Rumble

Well, we found our 9th victim…a vice cop up to his balls in coke and cheap hookers. We way-layed him at a seedy charge by the hour establishment – which is surprisingly profitable and I may just have to invest in one – and took him in for questioning after discerning his whereabouts from a dive strip club.

He had a sob story that boiled down to “just following orders”. I don’t think Renee is going to care much for that. We left him to the cops (or Renee, whichever got to him first) and retreated back to our fortress of solitude to plan our next move.

From what we could determine: The Bosnian gangs were informed of the vice squad’s identity and “made” them do the act to cement loyalty while bringing their pet politician back to heel. Vlado the Vampire is pretty big in the food chain of the Bosnian gang (and thus needs to die), and Kolten’s crew is itching for a fight.

Sam found Vlado. With Kolten’s gang helping, we’re marshalling forces to assault the vampire in his lair during the daylight. I wonder how badly Sam will be shot today?



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