Darkest Days and Longest Nights

The Hunt Begins <Encoded Transmission>

Jim Kingston

Stardate 101710.1

After analyzing subspace communications and finding encrypted communiques, I managed to attract the interest of the other entity and arrange a first contact. The meeting in the neutral zone was brisque; apparently, the other entity who fancies himself a Memory Alpha, knew the technical specs and capabilities of us before we arrived.

A peace accord was reached; apparently, we have a mutual enemy that has struck at a loosely affiliated entity. The enemy currently is unidentified; Memory Alpha is assembling a tactical group to research & report, with possible rescue or neutralization possible. ETA 1 standard week.

After departing our neutral zone meeting, I requisitioned some upgrades from the grey market. Going into a hostile situation with, as of now, 3 unknowns and Memory Alpha, I felt it prudent to arm myself with enough firepower to take on Klingon or Romulan cruisers, if they were in fact the culprits. I would not put it past them.

I hope our enemies decloak and reveal themselves soon. Knowing the enemy’s capabilities will go a long ways to defeating them.

Kirk out.



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