Darkest Days and Longest Nights

Thank the gods thats over with...

Aaron Brandt

Well, thats that… I hope. Seems that Drew wandered his infected behind back to his apartment building where he proceeded to mutate in to a spider/human hybrid like the ones we encountered in Manganese. He’d set up shop in the basement of his ramshackle building and started snatching up the other tenants. We went down there and smoked him and a couple of his newly created drones. I need to learn to control my impulses. Almost shat my shoes full when my gloves got stuck to the web. Still, that was fun.

After turning Drew into a fine green mist, we treated our wounds, packed up, and headed out to Manganese to finish the job at the mine. This time, we drove right up to the town, entered the tunnels and got ourselves to the breach face in good order. Upon arrival at the breach room, we discovered new cocoon activity and spider victims. Sam had earlier conducted an investigation of the surrounding area and discovered that a family of 8 (guess we know what they like to do to keep warm) in the area had gone missing and Sam found a spider hole in their barn. Well, as we crossed the room to set the explosives, we were attacked by spider kids and spider parents. Luckily we are all pretty much badass men of steel(except for Bubba Jay, Heh) and we proceeded to take apart the spiders, leg from leg…. from leg. We took some minor wounds (freaking ankle biters), set the charges, and hauled ass outta there whilst being chased by a swarm of creepy crawlies. Charges went off without a hitch, lake drained, stick a fork in it, it’s done. Miller time.



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