Darkest Days and Longest Nights

Filling the hole

Sam Murphy

The burrowing spider monsters can be checked off the list for the moment. I’m guessing its a long swim back from hell. Once the caps were blown we just had to sit and watch as the lake ice slowly collapsed from the lack of support. The only loose end is the extra tunnel dug from the main cave system to the outlying border of the nearest town. If something managed to slip past us, we’ll find it and kill it.
We’ve learned some things, we know that these creatures will find a new hive if they can’t reach the main as we saw with Drew. That poor bastard holed himself up in his apartment building for days, feeding on the old, getting fat in his web. I almost felt bad for a moment when I put a bullet into that things head. I thought there may have been a part of Drew still left in there, then I realized, if there was, he would have begged to be taken out of his misery. No on deserves that kind of torment, no one.



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