Darkest Days and Longest Nights

Dealing with the Devil

Jim Kingston

Today has been…interesting.

We’ve met up with another cell of hunters…and my aren’t they the arrogant bunch. I’m sorry pal, just because you get paid oodles of money to be a rent-a-soldier, doesn’t make you a badass. I’ve been in the shit just as much, and I’ve pulled the trigger many a time. You did it for pay, I did it for patriotism. Color me not impressed.

Anyways, Kolten Marx aside, we ran into what is called a “shade”. A ghost of sorts, spawned from some horrid act that comes back seeking vengeance. On some level, I can respect that. But, we did immediately go into “track and kill” mode, which lead to some interesting results.

Apparently, this is the ghost of some poor daughter of a congressmen…that was horribly betrayed. Her daddy the alderman sold her out to a set of undercover cops operating as a task force on the Bosnian slave trade…who proceeded to molest, rape, and finally kill her. Now she’s back, and mowing through the individuals.

We have in our possession of the 9 members of the now-defunct task force. We were willing to protect him from the creature – well, maybe use him as a little bait – but after hearing his story…I think the monster in this situation are the humans involved. If she wants to mow down the 9 +1 horrid excuses for human beings, and if that will put her soul to rest….I’m with the “monster” on this one.

Justice will be done. Kolten asked me, “what are you doing this for?”. I didn’t want to answer him, so I gave him some macho bullshit answer. Truth be told, I do this for all of those that can’t. The world is a scary place, full of monsters. I’m going to try to remove as many of those monsters as I can while I’m here. My God-given talents are not the ones that are talked about in pleasant conversation. I can kill as easy as I can breathe…others can’t, but I can. Why do I do this? So people like Renee Delacroix don’t have to crawl back from the dead to seek vengeance. They can rest in peace knowing I will make sure vengeance is served. Monsters come in all shapes, sizes, and colors apparently.



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