Darkest Days and Longest Nights

Oh boy...

Aaron Brandt

I’m not quite sure about all this. First some secret agent shit with a computer nerd, then a down-low meet n greet in the warehouse district, now a search and rescue mission in Bugtussle, MI. The funding is mediocre, but most of us seem to have the gear we need. The crew I’m with is quite the mixed bag. At least we have some competence with Anton and Jim. We’ll see how the others pan out. I’m concerned about Drew. If he can’t pull his shit together we might be in trouble. I haven’t quite figured out what his place in the crew is yet. “Driver” it ain’t.

We have seen only glimpses of the bad guys and it doesn’t look good. Found a van that belonged to our Lost. Gear still mostly intact, indications of injury, no bodies. We’ve found several tunnels. Who knows what dug them. Our investigation had led us to believe that the Lost have been taken into those tunnels. I know following the bad guys into their den is a bad idea, but it’s the only lead we have…



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