Darkest Days and Longest Nights

New World, Familiar Monsters

Anton Zamojda

We aren’t yet the wolves I had hoped. We have the fang and claw but do not work as pack. Yet. Some are new to this, to danger of death. It is familiar to me. I know it, from the old country. I can tell that Aaron and Jim are not new to it. The others, they are. They do knot know what it is to live under fear of death from time of waking to time of sleeping. If they survive, they will get harder. It becomes the normal. Drew woke up loud last night, with a scream. He had nightmare. The man with all the guns is nervous type. He drove too fast last night, got scared. I am hoping that they do not run away when time comes to fight. That we can not afford. There are six of us. The computer woman says that three figures are seen in one of the videos. We have number advantage if this is right, but we can not be sure. We are staring down hole, while everyone sits and thinks what they are doing here. No one wants to be the first in, no one wants to get stuck with whatever is inside. We will go, we will see what it is. And we will kill it. I hope that the reporter is still alive. But, if nothing else, we will do good work by destroying whatever monster is in the hole. I will say prayer for us, before we go in. I have much penance to do before I am done, and many more things to do that will need more penance.



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