Darkest Days and Longest Nights

Cell division

Sam Murphy

Transmissions are flooding in. The local cells are picking clean rumors of conspiracy and compromise like hungry vultures. I don’t know what happened, but the boards say we are being targeted by something or someone. My hope is that I’ve finally tracked it down to Minneapolis, the Keeper has been moving through the north for the last few years picking off the unsuspecting here and there. This seems like its kind of play ground; middle class families ripe for the plucking. If it’s gotten wise it may want to target bigger game.
There are eager minds here, rumors strewn across the net of the unnatural which has touched their lives with an icy claw. Maybe its time to throw them a bone to see if they bite. If we can come together we can fight whatever is lurking in the shadows of the twilight. I’ve been doing this alone for too long. Time to light the torch.



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